How to Apply



We believe there are 10 easy steps on your journey to become a teacher with EAST SCITT..


Speak to our team / Attend an event

Ideally gain classroom experience:

Arrange an observational visit

consider your programme choice: 

See our range of programmes

plan your application:

See our Planning your Application page 


Apply through Our Programmes page or through Apply

recruitment & selection day: 

See Our Interview Process page for detail

offer stage: 

Offers will be made on the Apply system, candidates receive an offer letter and a welcome pack

keeping in touch: 

We will keep in touch to ensure any questions and problems are resolved quickly

subject knowledge enhancement: 

You will undertake an online Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme, if appropriate

We will guide you in selecting the most appropriate programme to suit your requirements.

programme starts:


From the time an application is submitted we have 40 days to consider your application.

We will acknowledge your application on receipt, and endeavour to consider it within the first week of receipt.

The Apply system will be updated as we process your application. If you are successfully shortlisted, we will contact you and invite you to a Recruitment & Selection session.

For further information on applying for teacher training, please consider these websites: