Our Interview Process

EAST SCITT select applicants for interview using both academic and non-academic criteria.

Our recruitment and selection process is designed to allow us to make the right decisions for you as an applicant and for our placement schools. Once we receive your application, it will be considered by a minimum of two experts within the SCITT team. If successful to the next stage, you will be invited to a selection and recruitment session. Once the recruitment and selection session has been completed, EAST SCITT will decide whether or not to offer a place and inform the candidate of the outcome in a timely manner.

Candidates invited to a recruitment and selection session will participate in the following process:


Outline of the process

  • Welcome by a member of the SCITT team
  • Document check
  • At primary: A short story reading and pupil task delivered to a small group of children usually from key stage 1
  • At secondary: A teaching task - an opportunity for the candidate to deliver a 15 minute session to a small group of pupils, a topic you should choose on the basis of your subject and the relevant age group 
  • An interview with an expert panel typically comprising of the Phase Lead or SCITT Director and one other expert, such as a SCITT Tutor or Senior Leader from one of our partnership schools. (up to 45 minutes)
  • A written reflective task ( up to 30 minutes) to assess the quality and accuracy of written communication and criticality
  • A chance to ask questions and a discussion about next steps.

Candidates invited to a recruitment and selection session will receive full details of the process described above.

Please note: Any change to the interview process will be clearly explained in the letter which invites candidates to interview. 

We are looking for:

  • Your desire and motivation to teach
  • Your enthusiasm for the subject/phase to which you are applying
  • Your resilience
  • Effective interpersonal skills, such as excellent communication skills, a sense of humour, being part of a team
  • Your ability to consider and assess your own strengths and weaknesses for future self-development.

Throughout this process, the emphasis is placed on generating a pleasant, informal, and welcoming atmosphere in which candidates are able to gain as much information about the programme as they require in order to accept a place if it is offered subsequently.

It is essential that all candidates bring the following items to interview:

  • Photographic identification (preferably your driver’s licence and/ or passport)
  • Your original GCSE certificates (or certified statements of results) for English and Mathematics
  • Your original degree certificate.( if appropriate).

Following the Recruitment & Selection session:

The outcomes are communicated through the Apply system and additionally by telephone call and/or email. All offers are conditional offers at this stage. They will all be conditional regarding safeguarding checks, and some additional conditions may be set such as gaining the qualifications required to train to teach. Unsuccessful candidates are offered feedback on their performance.